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The World is on the Internet - can you afford not to be?

For a limited time, Fat Boy is offering a startup package too juicy to pass by. Here's the skinny; we'll design and build your site for $99.00 a page*, set you up with a free webpage account, register your site with ten search engines, enter your site in five web page design contests; and link you to a counter service (if available). How's that wet your appetite?

This is a super fat deal baby!

*You can provide the images on disk or send us the pictures and we'll scan them for free. This package allows one background image per page; and up to fifteen design elements (photos or images); up to twenty-five hyperlinks and there's just one caveat, no java script unless it's required with the free webpage we set you up with.

Need a fancier, bigger plate, we can do it for US$25.00 per hour plus costs (that's postage, xeroxing and original art design services).

What are you waiting for, get it now or get eaten by your competitors.

Drop us a note and let's get into the chow line.

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